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1/8 meeting

At this Tuesday's Community Group, we'll be starting to follow along with the sermons and sermon texts at Grace. This Sunday's sermon, "Greatness Again," is available for online listening and download here. The passage, Mark 10:32-45, can be viewed here (there's a link at the bottom to other translations). See you Tuesday!


Hi everyone,

     This week we went to help serve dinner at Operation Nightwatch.  I thought it was a great experience for us and look forward to finding more places for us to serve together.

    This next week we will be looking at what to do this fall.  Before heading to Operation Nightwatch we talked about this.  After talking there was a consensus that we look at a topic again before heading into a book.  So, if everyone is into it we will spend the next while looking at liturgy.  As we get along in that study we can narrow the book suggestions down and look at doing that next.  

    So, next week we will have a discussion about our serving, a me bag from Lee (aka a Lee-bag) and if time permits we can roll forward into the Liturgy overview.

    I hope you have a good week,


Wrap Up

Hi everyone, here is a brief rundown of last week and look ahead to next week. 

 This week Kendall brought it with his "me bag".  Look for Lee to bring it on August 21st.

We also continued in our study of how we pray.  We looked at another practice of prayer, Prayer of Examen.  This is a practice that involves praying while contemplating and meditating on an event or period of time. 

We discussed some ideas for scaffolded, incremental study this fall and it seemed that the consensus was to look at a book together.  Please submit suggestions and we can narrow it down over the next few weeks.  The ones I heard people talking about were:

I would suggest:


Next week is National Night Out.  We will not meet and you are encouraged to seek out your local block party and get to know your neighbors.  

On August 14th, the week after next, we will be heading over to the ID to help with Operation Nightwatch.  We will meet at Kendall and Mollies and head out from there.

The following week will be meeting as usual.  

We had discussed attending a Mariners game, and the dates were August 28th(Angels), September 11th(A's) and 25th(Indians). 

I have been in touch with the other CG that meets on Capitol Hill and we are thinking maybe Wed Sept 5th for a little social night, how does that sound to everyone?


See you next week.


Wrap Up

Hi everyone, here is a brief rundown of last week and look ahead to next week. 

 This week Becca brought it with her "me bag".  Look for Kendall to bring it next week.

We also continued in our study of how we pray.  We looked at another practice of prayer, Lectio Divina.  This is a practice that involves praying while contemplating scripture.  We examined passages that deal with the Biblical concept of loving our neighbors and after praying we had a discussion about this topic.

Next week we will continue to look at prayer, this time using the discipline of the prayer of Examen.  You can download the guide here.

Please think a bit about any ideas you may have for topics that we can look at as we get our autumnal groove on.  

Also, please keep your eyes open for places where we might be able to go and serve as a group, it would be great if we could get some ideas together and do something soon...

this is all available here as well

See you next week.


Wrap Up

This week we continued in our study of how we pray.  We took a brief look at the Centering prayer that we spent time with last week and then we headed out on our field trip.  We went to the Chapel of St. Ignatius and spent time in this sacred space praying. 

We finished with a little “me bag” done by Jared.

A look ahead to our next meeting…

We will take a look at another practice of prayer, Lectio Divina.  This is a practice that involved praying while contemplating scripture.  We will examine passages that deal with the Biblical concept of loving our neighbors; who are our neighbors and how do we practically love them?  After praying we will have a discussion about this topic.

If any passages of Scripture around this topic come to your mind please email or post them and I will put them all together for us to look at. 

If you would like to check out the Lectio Divina prayer guide click here.

You can also look here for this content

See you next week.



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Hi everyone, just a brief rundown of last week and look ahead to next week.

We started looking at prayer as the first in our topical studies we will be doing this summer.
We talked about who taught us to pray and how they taught us to pray. 

Here are some words of Richard Foster’s that we looked at:

“To pray is to change.  Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.  If we are unwilling to change, we will abandon prayer as a noticeable characteristic of our lives.  The closer we come to the heartbeat of God the more we see our need and the more we desire to be conformed to Christ.  William Blake tells us that our task in life is to learn to bear God’s “beams of love”.  How often we fashion cloaks of evasion- beam-proof shelters- in order to elude our Eternal Lover.  But when we pray God slowly and graciously reveals to us our hiding places, and sets us free from them.”

from “Celebration of Discipline”

We practiced praying together using a form of prayer called the "centering prayer".  Click here to download a guide.  We will be going on a field trip this week to the Chapel of St. Ignatius where we will explore prayer in this sacred space. 

I have started a page on google for our group, as I could not find a way to attach a file to this post....  click here to visit
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Come as you are

Wanted to share another quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together (it'll be on the cover of this Sunday's Order of Worship). I hope we are and can continue to be the kind of community that believes this together:
Those who remain alone with their evil are left utterly alone. It is possible that Christians may remain lonely in spite of daily worship together, prayer together, and all their community through service—that the final breakthrough to community does not occur precisely because they enjoy community with one another as pious believers, but not with one another as those lacking piety, as sinners....However, the grace of the gospel, which is so hard for the pious to comprehend, confronts us with the truth. It says to us, you are a sinner, a great, unholy sinner. Now come, as the sinner that you are, to your God who loves you. For God wants you as you are, not desiring anything from you—a sacrifice, a good deed—but rather desiring you alone.


I googled for the actual source of this, and I think it's from a talk given by a rabbi sometime. Interesting thoughts as we finished up Galatians and as I'm back in Genesis in my own reading.

"Out of Sumer, civilized repository of the predictable, comes a man who does not know where he is going but goes forth into the unknown wilderness under the prompting of his god. Out of Mesopotamia, home of canny, self-serving merchants who use their gods to ensure prosperity and favor, comes a wealthy caravan with no material goal. Out of ancient humanity, which from the dim beginnings of its consciousness has read its eternal verities in the stars, comes a party traveling by no known compass. Out of the human race, which knows in its bones that all its striving must end in death, comes a leader who says he has been given an impossible promise. Out of mortal imagination comes a dream of something new, something better, something yet to happen, something - in the future."

"We may begin to suspect that this benighted troupe of wanderers has been taken in by the force of Avram's personality and that Avram has been sent on a wild goose chase at the prompting of his own disordered brain."

"This is becoming, however incredibly, the story of an interpersonal relationship."

"We can be certain that Avraham began, like all Sumerians, like all human beings before him (and virtually all after him), as a polytheist, a believer in many (and conflicting) gods and godlets - bad-tempered forces of nature and the cosmos who could be temporarily appeased by just the right rites and rigmarole. It is highly unlikely that Avraham became during the course of his life a strict monotheist, but what we can say is that Avraham's relationship to God became the matrix of his life, the great shaping experience. From voice to vision to august potentate, Avraham's understanding of God grew ever larger.... For the God who calls Avraham to the Mountain Experience must no longer be seen merely as the "Mountain God". He is the opposite of the Sumerian gods with their patently human motivations. He is the God beyond the mountain, even beyond the sky, the unknowable God, whose purposes are hidden from human intelligence, who cannot be manipulated."

Can we open ourselves to the God who cannot be understood, who is beyond all our amulets and scheming, the God who rains on picnics, the God who allows human beings to be inhuman, who has sentenced us all to death? All the other gods are figments, sorry projections of human desires. Only this God is worth my life (and yours and Isaak's). For "there is no other."</font>

Upcoming Changes & Events

Wanted to give everyone an idea of what the next few weeks look like. A few things are about to change; I think all of it's for the better and I'm excited to see what comes of it. :o]

Effective July 10:

  • Jared will be taking over leadership.

  • Kendall and Mollie will host.

Until that time, the following activities are scheduled:

  • 6/19 (this Tuesday) - BYOM (bring your own meat) picnic at Cal Anderson park

  • 6/26 - Mariners Game - we're sitting in section 192; it's bleacher seating so there's always room for one more.

  • 7/3 - Stonebergs out of town. Undetermined social activity.

Mark your calendars! :o]
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Quotes from our discussion

From our conversation last night, I wanted to share a few quotes:
The glory of God is a fully alive human being.

—Irenaeus, Against Heresies

Laura mentioned this one:
Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

—Howard Thurman

And here's the one I was trying to remember:
Your dreams must be such that only God can make them occur. Dreams are to take you to a point where only God can rescue you, and if they are dashed, a part of you will die. And if that part of you dies, only God can bring it back to life. Your dreams must take you into danger.

—Dan Allender