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Picture this: The week's been crazy, and your schedule was too swamped for you to come to Community Group on Tuesday. Your email inbox is too full to keep up with. You feel overwhelmed and disconnected. It's too late at night to call anyone, but you have a few spare moments and wish you could catch up a bit with the rest of CG—to talk about the sermon, ask a question, share or hear a silly or serious story, request prayer, pray for someone else, or just be random or real. What can you do?

This is an attempt to create a virtual place for our CG. It's here whenever you have a second. It's not another email to deal with. You can choose to make what you write visible just to the CG, not the world. It's already connected to the journals of some of your friends. It's no substitute for time with each other in person (on Tuesdays and elsewhen), but it can keep us connected "until we meet again."

All you need is a LiveJournal account—they're free, just take a minute or two to set up (start here), and Amy (barlow_girl), Becca (velouria73), and Lee (banzai) already have them. You don't have to write anything in your own account if you don't want to (particularly if you write online elsewhere); it just gives you a way to read and write in this community. And I (Lee) would be glad to help you learn the ropes if you'd like a hand.

So come on...you have a couple of minutes. Leave a comment or write an entry here, and welcome aboard!